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Making sure that your website is working for you and not against you is very important, especially as your website is probably the first point of call for any potential customers.

Having a website that does not function properly – or at all – is a total waste of time and money, yet there are companies who do not seem to know this. Surprisingly enough, there are still those who think that because they have a website, then that is it. They do not update the information or add to it in any way, nor do they do anything to get potential customers to find it.


Take a really close look at your website

Make sure that it is user-friendly. It may be an idea to get a third party involved here as you already know what you want from your website and where you will need to click to get from A to B. You can hire an outside company to perform a website check. This is called a UXaudit. They will flag any areas within your website where they feel you need improvement. They may even offer a service to correct anything that they find wrong for you.


Check your local SEO strategy (if you have one)

Checking that your local SEO strategy is working and that it is sending local people to your website is very important. If you are using words for a different niche, you are not going to get many, if any, sales. This may be due to your business morphing from one niche to another, or perhaps your keywords are not niche enough for what you are offering.

If you feel out of your depth or feel that actually, you would rather hand this part of your business over to a professional – which is always highly recommended – then perhaps you need to Google My Business experts to see what can be done for you.


Link your social media profile to your website

Having a social media profile is a very important tool. There are so many potential customers searching and using social media that if you do not have a social media profile, you could be missing out on an awful lot of money.

Using your social media profile correctly and having it linked to your website can help drive good quality traffic to your website, which will convert heavily into sales as well as get your business more well-known and talked about.

Keep your posts and blogs relevant to your business, but don’t make them too heavy on the sales pitch. They will need to be friendly, and you may find that adding some humor or something of interest will help your readers want to read more and then visit your website.

You will need to post or blog regularly,and for that, there is software such as Hootsuite, which you can use to schedule your posts if you feel that you would rather type a few days’ worths in one go rather than doing them just before posting. If you feel that you do not have time for this or that you would really like a professional air to these postings, again, you can hire a professional company to do this for you.


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