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If you’re doing web development for a while now then you might have come across python, PHP, and java. It is often debated about which one is the best website developer or PHP developer. Today we are going to talk about all of them and know which one you should use for web development.

To start with things, we need to know what Python, PHP, and Java are.



It is a high-level object-oriented programming language with gigantic library support. Python is one of the most used website developers and is often used to create standalone programs and scripting algorithms. It was first released in the year 1990 and has been in use since then.



PHP is a Hypertext Preprocessor. It is used for creating dynamic HTML content, generating XML documents, Flash animations, graphics, PDF files, and many more. It was first released in the year 1995. It is one of the best server-side scripting languages. PHP can’t be used for general programming but it is used for creating HTML content.



Java is a class-based object-oriented programming language and has the largest library support. It is one of the hardest and most used applications for writing programs.

It is faster as compared to PHP. The only problem with Java is that not every hosting company uses it. It was released in 1996.


Why use Python for web development

1. Python is easy.

Python is easy to use and we can’t stress that more. Both beginners and professionals can use it. Python uses whitespace and common expressions which lets you do more with less coding.

2. More functions less coding.

Python is easier because you have less coding to do. You can easily achieve greater functions by using fewer lines of code. Because of this reason python is more popular among the cookie website developers for web development.

3. Stepping stone to learn other code.

You can start working on python just by watching a few tutorial videos on youtube. You can have a good start without knowing any coding. Once you learn how python works it would be easy for you to work with other programming languages such as Ruby, Perl.

4. It tolerates mistakes.

Unlike other languages, a python program doesn’t break when you make a minor mistake. Python has amazing readability. It is complex but not complicated and also it has better clarity.

5. Perfect for building prototypes.

It is perfect for building prototypes as it is easy to use, is fast, and less time-consuming.

6. Great flexibility.

Python has several integrations with other programming languages.

For example, CPython with C and

 Jython with Java.

7. Perfect for a low budget.

Python is best for low budget projects because of its ease of use and since it takes less time.


Why use PHP for web development

1. Open source Language.

Its access is free to every website developer. It functions on the server-side, meaning it functions on the web server. Since it has an open-source feature, the PHP developer can learn about it online very easily.

2. Upgradation is easier.

PHP codes are easy to alter, therefore PHP developers can execute their tasks effortlessly, in no time. This in turn can help the web developer to transform the website into an app in no time. The open-source feature allows the web developer to add new functions constantly with no Costing involved.

3. Easily obtainable resources.

Since PHP language is used a lot these days by PHP developers, various resource packages are available, both online and offline.

Also, this comes without any charges.

4. It is cost-efficient.

The reason for PHP’s widespread usage and acceptance is because of its availability for free. There is no licensing fee involved and it is available under a general public license.

5. Helps decrease the time for development.

PHP codes can be used again and again for different developing tasks. It saves time for the developers.

6. Helps in web hosting.

PHP programming language is one of the most searched for programming languages by developers around the world. Its flexibility makes it an unparalleled hosting provider.

7. Development time is less with PHP.

Time taken to develop websites using PHP is lesser as compared to any other language. Even the most complex stuff can be done in a blink of an eye using a PHP developer.


Why use Java for web development

1. Java is platform-independent.

Java developers can create a code once and use it on any other platform. This is one of the greatest reasons why Java is used by a website developer.

2. Java is highly secure.

Java has a highly secure environment and has features like advanced authentication, cryptography, and access control which makes it very useful for web development.

3. Java has a rich set of APIs.

Various APIs are available for free for java users. They provide APIs for networking, I/O, XML parsing, database connection, utilities, and many more. It also has an open-source library which makes working on it much easier.

4. Used in much-used applications.

Various applications used worldwide use java as their core.

Websites like Amazon, eBay, Facebook, LinkedIn use Java. This gives developers a boost to create websites based on java.

5. Java has various tools and IDEs to make you more productive.

Java has excellent IDEs and tools which are available at the market for free. This ensures higher productivity and makes it one of the best languages for web development.

So, here are the various advantages of using Java, PHP, and python. Web and PHP developer must choose the best for themselves as these are different in their way


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