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Web development is a deeply satisfying job. Sat in front of your computer, you’re able to control the design, presentation, and UI of websites that you work on, and there’s something rewarding about the problem-solving tasks involved. Yet web developers often work on a project-by-project basis, which means that for several weeks of the year, they might not have any work to do. If you’re looking for a job to fill these weeks, or to complement the work you do on your laptop, this guide is for you.


Delivery Driver

If you’re sitting in front of your computer for several hours a day, there can be nothing more soothing for the senses than getting out and about in your local area, delivering food or packages to your community. It’s a job that’s increasing in popularity among those who once worked long hours in offices because it involves plenty of traveling, interaction with strangers, and a target-driven quality.

It’s also paid well. Listings for delivery work in the form of delivery driver jobs often pay your per package you deliver, factoring in the amount of gas you spend getting from place to place and paying you that sum too. They’re jobs that you can pick up and taper down when you wish, which is perfect for the bit-part work of a web developer.



If you’re well-versed with websites and code, you needn’t spend your whole time tinkering with lines of code and making new website pages. You actually have the complete skill set to become a consultant, which would involve getting in touch with companies to ask them if they need your advice on how to set up digitally.

Of course, if you’re smart, these companies might come to you. Use professional social media services like LinkedIn to list your skills and to get found by firms in need of some specialist advice. Over time, and if your advice is good, you’ll find that you’re recommended via word of mouth, securing more and more business alongside your web development work. So this job is complementary because it uses the highly developed skillset you put to use in your web development roles.


Dog Walker

It’s fair to say that this is a niche job, but it’s an example of a job that involves exercise. As a web developer, you know why this is complementary to your job: it’s because you’re too often sat hunched over lines of code, inactive and yearning for a little movement. So while dog walking is a fun job in and of itself, it’s an example of an extra vocation that’ll actually get you out of the seat and in the great outdoors.

Depending on where you live, there may be several jobs that fulfill these criteria. You might be a tour guide in a historic city, or a park ranger in a large national park. The choice is yours, but it’s clear that a bit of exercise and air in the lungs would be just the tonic for those who feel a little handcuffed to their laptop from time to time. Use these three examples to give you an idea of which extra jobs might link perfectly with learn web development.


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