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Content is a big part of the digital ecosystem today, and video content has become essential for content marketing. You need to create more and more video content to engage better with your audience. Several tools will aid you in the video creation and the video editing process. Animoto is a popular video editing software. However, some people might find using Animoto complex. In that case, you will have to look for an Animoto alternative that you can use easily. There are several alternatives for Animoto. These alternatives are easy to use, and you can edit your videos without any hassle.


10 Best Video Editing Platforms

Video editing tools and software have become mandatory for companies that use social media. You must know the tools that can come in handy for easy video editing. Let’s check out some tools that will help you in editing your videos without any hassle:


Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a better option than Animoto since it allows you to create and edit photos, pages, and videos with their comprehensive array of storytelling tools. It’s completely free, and it’s perfect for students who want to create interactive multimedia content. It’s offered through a web app that works with browsers on Windows, iOS, and Chromebooks. You can use the app if you’re looking for a ready-to-go, easy solution. Adobe Spark is an excellent choice for digital marketing and branding because you can modify templates and web pages with company logos, colors, and fonts. Customers will remember the limited, stylish material, and your business will grow.



InVideo is one of the best video editing tools available out there. You can use it to create some of the most engaging videos. The best thing about InVideo is the hundreds of readymade templates. You can choose any template that goes well with the video and apply it. If the template fits your video, you will be good to go. Also, you can add transitions on InVideo to make your videos more exciting. You can quickly patch two videos or trim a video using InVideo.


Flex Clip

FlexClip offers a free license for 480p video rendering with a watermark. You can use a combination of photos and video clippings to create a full-length HD video, which you can then export to YouTube or Dropbox or embed in a web page. It is a perfect tool for businesses exploring digital marketing and building a social media presence. You can easily incorporate a color palette for all of your videos. Using this software, you can even add your company’s logo as a watermark.



Moovly is a one-of-a-kind video-making tool that allows you to express yourself creatively. You have the option of creating your animated videos or using a template. It is suitable for corporate and personal use and comes with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Moovly also has an automatic video generator to make standard videos using your input and application data.

Moovly’s connection with Shutterstock, which has a 750,000-strong library of royalty-free music tracks, clips, and photographs to use in your movies, makes your life easier. Allow clients to share and publicize your content freely.



Animaker, like Moovly, is a full-featured animation software suite. Animaker is one of the most user-friendly multimedia creation apps, with over 5 million users worldwide. If you’re looking for a simpler video editor, AnimakerLite is a good option. You will have access to a vast library of resources that you can bring to use while editing your videos. GIFs, emojis, audio files, etc., can be used while you are editing your videos. You can even edit animated videos using this tool.



Blender stands apart from the crowd since it is a 3D rendering program that can also make videos. Using video effects, scripting, and animations, you may make 3D models and simulations. Blender is a more complex program with some of the most advanced features. With histograms, layers, keyframes, and speed-control, Blender expands the possibility of regulating illumination and visual colorization. Audio files, transitions, messages, graphics, and other elements can be added on top of that. Blender is an excellent choice to create 3D animated content or add a dynamic layer to your films. It’s open-source and free, with various advanced compositing and motion tracking features.



ScreenFlow allows Mac users to record, produce, and edit engaging and interactive videos. It’s popular among vloggers, trainers, and influencers who need to create a large amount of material with their branding in the shortest amount of time. Clippings can be annotated, videos can be trimmed, and video dimensions may be changed to fit the user’s needs. You can also make GIFs with it.



This app is exclusively made for iOS users. It comes for free along with a Mac or an iPhone. This app is the best if you are a beginner in video editing. You can clip your videos without any hassle. You can also use transitions to make the videos more appealing. You can create something resembling a movie trailer. You can easily browse through your media files and combine two or more videos to make a final video.



WeVideo doesn’t have any AI-powered video creation possibilities, but it’s still a powerful tool with its core features. With its green-screen functionality mixed with photographs, music, text, and graphic components, you may start generating a film right away. It also has one of the most comprehensive stock asset collections.


Filmora 9

Compared to Animoto and Adobe Spark, Filmora9 is a more powerful offline video editing application. However, as the level of sophistication rises, the tool gives you more customization options. The drag-and-drop interface is appropriate for both commercial and personal use.

The ability to add and operate on up to 100 media layers simultaneously while generating videos is Filmora9’s distinguishing feature. It allows you to add overlays, text, photos, graphics, and a green screen effect to your video. With Filmora9, you can add up to ten tracks to a single video and fine-tune the audio quality. It improves the viewing experience’s synchronization.



There are several tools that you can use in place of Animoto. These tools will come in handy if you want to create any video content to share on your social media channels. Using any of the tools listed above, you can create a powerful and engaging video.


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