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Magento is an ever-growing ecommerce platform. By incorporating the latest design trends, Magento designers can make your online business outstanding and revenue generating. The present post is describing top ten design trends and philosophy behind it.

Today one of the Magento online store designers has initiated a discussion over recent Magento design trends, and we have summed up it to publish top 10 Magento design trends to follow today.

No.1: Large Background Images

Images are louder than texts, and a larger image leaves profound impacts on the mind of onlookers than a tiny thumbnail or mid-size photo. We have advanced digital camera technologies and image optimization technologies to life-size product images taken from real life.

Magento ecommerce designers are leveraging all in their designing and set alluring imagery in the background keep relevancy in mind. Lifesize product images or product implementation/usage related scenario enthrall Magento visitors. It drives them deeper in the Magento ecommerce site, engages in product story or offerings, and convince them to buy or subscribe it.

These are Magento online store designing strategies, which backed by large images, which are loading fast and adding much in conversion optimization right from the beginning.


No.2: Animated- Motion Effects

Earlier, motion design or animations were a costly affair in terms of CPU power consumption due to restricted file formats and rendering technologies. Today we have everything advanced and displaying animation, or even video are eating CPU power and memory space just like a big image.

Anything moving grabs immediate attentions of onlookers rather than stand still one. Animations are eye catchy and eye candy to engage your users in a short story telling or product usage description like things on the Magento ecommerce storefront web pages.

Various themes are providing ready to use templates for hover effects and bring breathes life into web store pages. Any animations with hover effects are good ways to provide visual feedback.


No.3: Background Videos

Videos are depicting real life scenario without any room for manipulation or tweaking the facts. Therefore, videos are more reliable and the excellent way to describe your product by making a demo.

Video displaying technologies are advanced enough and enable you to display large size video as the background of the entire web page on your Magento ecommerce store.

Large demo of products in action leave astounding impacts on the minds of ecommerce shoppers and entice them to have those products as soon as possible. It is your conversion and video makes it possible for modern mobile and tech-savvy audience.

For many odd types of products, videos in background help in creating special mood and milieu that encourage shoppers to buy the products.


No.4: Storytelling

Everyone loves truthful and believable stories. Therefore, storytelling is a favorite trend in designing too. The visual interface is used to describe stories regarding products and ecommerce brands.

Stories that encourage shoppers to interact and work for any audience can change the scenario of ecommerce engagement and conversion rates.

Remember five elements of successful storytelling in the design of Magento ecommerce:

  • Simple
  • Truthful
  • Real
  • Valid
  • Great story

Storytelling images, illustrations, animations, and videos are the combinations of trends on ecommerce design front.


No.5: Parallax Scrolling Effect

Parallax as it name suggests creating effect/illusion of depth in the 2D interface by moving background images using the camera, which is slower than foreground images. It gives greater immersion experience in a website conditions.

Today many Magento themes have built-in parallax scrolling features, and you can leverage beautifully in your Magento web store designing projects. People love to see two images moving with different motions and exerts motion effects.


No.6: Grid/Card Layout

First of all, Pinterest has used card layout or say grid layout for web page design and Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites have made it popular on the web. For ecommerce design, card layout becomes a fast catching trend thanks to a big number of products and product pages to link.

Grid layout in your ecommerce website design helps you to organize your product or information in neat, small boxes, clean, and minimalistic look. Therefore, it becomes aesthetically pleasing and highly functional for Magento online shop design.


No.7: Custom-Drawn Illustrations

Custom-drawn illustrations add two things in Magento design, artistic impressions, and uniqueness. Moreover, illustration is the best way to narrate a story with visual impacts.

Therefore, storyteller designers prefer it the most. Illustrated characters, products, icons, and even entire layouts are the trends in web designing, and Magento ecommerce is not lagging behind it.


No.8: White Space

White space or negative space in designing terminology is nothing but blank space in between the design elements.

Psychologically, the absence of any design element or vacuum of content leads the onlookers to focus more on the existing design elements.

In minimalistic designing approaches, a plenty of white space used. It is the best way to focus the attentions of shoppers on one or two prime elements in the design of an ecommerce page of Magento.

For instance, brands or products with a short description or brand message.


No.9: Material Design

Google has developed an innovative design approach and library for it. A range of colors, textures, and effects create a sense of live design with depth.

Material design elements are a great way to augment your Magento ecommerce site message the next level and tempting shoppers to dig deeper in your Magento store and its products.


No.10: Outstanding Typography

Typography is considering the native design element to set the tone, theme, and message of your Magento website. If your Magento designer knows the art and technique of typography to arrange the type as a prime design element and draw attentions of shoppers, you may have won the half battle there.

It demands careful choices of

  • Typefaces
  • Point size
  • Line length
  • Leading
  • Tracking
  • Kerning
  • Color
  • Shape

If you focus on readability of the website typographic design, you can do successful branding.




So, you have just come to know the top 10 Magento design trends to augment your ecommerce store further in the highly competitive market. It is true that focusing on a few designing trends is hardly solve our ecommerce design issues to get rank.

We need to take cumulative design approaches by amalgamating different designing trends and approaches according to your ecommerce niche and nature of products. It is only possible with the help of experienced and talented Magento web designers.



Author Bio:

I am tarang Vyas, head of development team at Perception System, a leading Magento development company. The company has a team of Magento designers with a plenty of projects accomplished in Magento design niche, and many are an award winner or ranking top on the web.


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