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There are large numbers of extensions available in the market that helps in the growth of the online business. Some of the must-have extensions in a Magento store are Payment gateway Magento 2, Easy Checkout extension, Magento 2 Advanced reports extension, and more to handle the online store effortlessly.


Let us look at the best Magento Extensions to boost your sale in 2021:


PayTrace Payment Gateway Magento 2

Online transactions should be fast, smooth, and effortless as this is a crucial part of every e-commerce business. Some time-consuming transactions can affect your e-commerce business as it increases the bounce rate which decreases your digital visibility. This payment gateway is PCI certified which makes it more secure and trustworthy for the customers. Some features of this Magento 2 extension are:

  • It is compatible with Magento 2.2.x, 2.3.x, and 2.4.x
  • It allows usage of major credit cards that includes Visa, American Express, Mastercard, JCB, and Discover
  • It has PayTrace Post API and PayTrace JSON API
  • It has secure checkout, encrypted card readers, client-side encryption, and tokenization
  • It protects sensitive customer data and assigns them a token that reduces online threats.

Magento 2 Advanced Reports Extension

This extension is used to get insights into your e-commerce business and work on the data for boosting sales. The statistical data collected from the orders, sales, customers, and products regularly can help business owners to make business and marketing decision-making.  Some things that one can perform using the Magento 2 Advanced Reports Extension are:

  • Customize and compare reports
  • New Advanced Reports
  • Filter Report Elements
  • Multiple Report dashboard
  • Filter report elements
  • Informative presentation

Out of Stock Subscription Extension

This helps in displaying out of stock products in the product detail pages. It allows customers to subscribe to the products and get notified when they come in stock. The store owner decides which products should be in stock. This extension helps in keeping track of the products that are getting below the threshold. Some key features of this extension are:

  • Allows customer to subscribe for products that are not in stock
  • Owners can send Emails to the customers when their subscribed products are in stock
  • Admin can check the list of subscribed customers
  • Easy to install and manage the extension

One Step Checkout Magento 2 Extension

This helps in optimizing the checkout process in the Magento store. Many stores face cart abandonment during the checkout process due to the complex or time-consuming procedure. Integrating Magento extension helps in adding advanced features and speed up the checkout process. Key features of using One Step Checkout Magento 2 extension are:

  • It is easy to use
  • It provides an auto-filling address feature using Google photos
  • An additional popup will be displayed for extra confirmation of the order
  • It has a built-in delivery date feature with calendar and instruction fields
  • It is compatible with third-party modules
  • Responsive checkout process by default

Stripe Payment Gateway

It is one of the widely used payment solutions in the E-commerce market to complete online transactions. It allows online store owners to collect payments from their websites with the help of Stripe Payment Gateway. Advantages of using this plugin are:

  • It provides a seamless checkout process with the ability to add the Stripe Payment Request Button in the product detail or cart pages
  • It makes sure there is a smooth transition between your e-commerce store and Stripe account
  • Customers can store their card details for future purchases
  • It has different filters that reflect the login status or review orders and more.

Voice Search Magento 2 Extension

Technology is growing at a high pace and voice search is gaining popularity among the customers surfing on the e-commerce stores. This extension helps customers to speak out their requirements instead of typing texts. It will help in providing a positive customer experience which will surely increase the sales of the store. Some noteworthy features of this extension are:

  • It has Recognition Devices scope for desktop and smartphones
  • Owners can get lifetime update for this extension
  • It can be freely installed into your Magento store

Blur Image Lazy Loader Magento 2

This resolves the issue of poor website loading due to the large image files. Many e-commerce websites have a large image that can affect the response time of the website which can increase the bounce rate. This extension improves the loading time of the website as it downloads the blurred image. Major benefits of using this extension are:

  • Reduces the chances of customer experience due to faster loading
  • It improves the website’s SEO rankings in the search engines
  • It saves server bandwidth usage
  • It gives a smooth and superior loading transition.

Advance FAQ Magento 2 Extension

It is used to present different types of questions and the answers related to the products on the e-commerce store. It gives the facility to define the category of different questions that helps users to access the product related queries effortlessly.

Some key features of using this Magento extension are:

  • Admin can insert the category of a particular type of question
  • Categories are displayed in the sidebar
  • Admin can insert the FAQs store wise and assign categories
  • FAQs can be disabled and enabled
  • HTML formatting can easily be done with the Wysiwyg editor
  • It is easily installable and managed
  • Enable and disable the module from the backend

Google Page Speed Optimizer

The page speed is an essential factor to gain higher ranks in the search engines. This Magento plugin makes it more user-friendly and Google optimized which increases the chances of faster conversions. Some advanced features of this plugin are:

  • Improves the page performance
  • On Page-speed insights
  • Provides clear code structure
  • Product pages will be automatically optimized

Two Factor Authentication

This helps in securing the data from online threats and theft in the digital world. This Magento extension development helps in protecting your website when customers log in. Things this extension provides are:

  • Its functions are compatible with Android and iPhone
  • The secure code is available for few seconds that prevents it from getting hacked
  • It ensures that sensitive information is not compromised

There might be many sales-boosting authentication plugins, checkout process handling, and payment gateway Magento 2 extension that will help in engaging customers. We have shared with you the best ones from the bulk of extensions and plugins available in the market.


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