Using Artificial Intelligence To Help Keep Your Financial Data Safe

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Just because your business hasn’t experienced a data breach yet doesn’t mean you never will. It doesn’t matter how small a target you might think you are — cybercriminals are out there looking for any and all weaknesses in your security system, and they don’t keep regular business hours. Threats can take any one of myriad forms, and they can strike any time of the day or night. These range from brute-force attacks on your firewall to sophisticated phishing schemes that prey on overworked employees. Because even small data losses can lead to catastrophic consequences for your enterprise and your customers, it’s critical to do everything it takes to protect your financial data.

It’s nearly impossible for web development professionals and other IT experts to keep up with all the dangers out there in cyberspace on their own — but artificial intelligence can provide them with an answer. Cybersecurity equipped with AI can be on-guard 24/7, reacting to threats as they happen without tiring. In addition, this software can learn from its experiences and adjust to the nature of each individual threat in the most appropriate manner.

For example, phishing schemes rely on employees being fooled by official-looking emails that trick them into giving up their login credentials. An AI-enabled cybersecurity system can identify these emails and quarantine them before they reach an employee’s inbox. The emails can then be assessed and deleted if they’re determined to be fraudulent. AI also can review attempts to log into your systems and assess whether or not they’re from authorized individuals. This prevents unauthorized access to your systems.

Having a partner who never needs to stop working is the key to protecting your sensitive financial information from hackers. Artificial intelligence can be the solution you need to keep a watchful eye on your systems at all times. To learn more about what AI can do for you, take a look at the accompanying resource.

Infographic created by DFIN, an SEC reporting software company

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