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When I upgrade magento all is work fine but when I try to reindex then it show me error like “Cannot initialize the indexer process”. I spend lot time and finally I got the solution for this. I found many solution for fixed this issue but not work for me but when I repair my magento database using database repair tool developed by Magento core then its fixed me.

How to repair the magento database:

1. Download repair tool from Magento and unzip the package.

2. Upload magento-db-repair-tool-1.1.php to your server

3. Backup your current database (call it ‘magentoDB1’). Export this database and then import it into a new database (let’s call it ‘magentoDB2’).

4. Install a fresh Magento using ‘magentoDB2’.

5. Now open the the URL in browser:

6. Enter ‘magentoDB1’ as ‘corrupted’ and ‘magentoDB2’ as ‘reference’. Enter all necessary information and click ‘Continue’ button. Wait and see result.

If you have still any problem or show this error

there was a problem with reindexing process. product flat data

then go to phpmyadmin and empty this table “catalog_product_flat_1“.

SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1005 Can't create table '.\database_name\catalog_category_flat_store_1.frm' (errno: 150)


ALTER TABLE catalog_category_entity ENGINE=INNODB;

Note: If you empty any table first take backup before empty that.

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