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However, the recent downturn in business caused great consternation, leading to a strategic re-think of diversifying towards more of the export market. China, Japan, some parts of the Middle East was identified to be strategic markets, to immediately target, and work on. And this very fundamental business model re-think, led Mr. Flavio, based on a simple online search, to contact our Agency, requiring language assistance to achieve the indicated new stated objectives.


This became the start of a very mutually beneficial relationship, initiated over a year earlier, which has blossomed into a close-working partnership, wherein our in-house professional linguists, translators, interpreters, assist this Turin based private label jewelry designer, with branding for the Far East markets, across all of digital and traditional media. And this relationship has undoubtedly contributed directly to a rapid growth in overseas sales for Mr. Flavio, who is never anything but all praise for our service-delivery team. And the relationship continues even as this article is being posted…


ABC Jewelry Company (name changed) is nearly a 10-year-old private label jewelry designer and manufacturer, headquartered in Turin, Italy, and having manufacturing, or gold and precious stones based luxury goods production workshops in 3 other Italian cities.

It’s a Jewelry design firm started less than a decade ago by one Mr. Flavio (name changed), a native of Milan, who began his initial career as a Chartered Accountant and Tax consultant, advising various local, mid to large size Italian firms, on how best to streamline their accounting, and improve on their respective finances.


Somewhere along the way, 9-10-11 years ago, he stumbled upon an urgent requirement from a High-street retail outlet, which he used to consult for taxation purposes, on an immediate need for new jewelry designs for the then upcoming festive Christmas season – translated private label merchandise which could pull in more of the festive shoppers to the well-known high-street shopping outlet. Very much bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, and seizing upon the opportunity, our main character went around various Italian cities, promptly recruiting half a dozen or so male and female jewelry designers, in their mid 30s to early 50s, got hand of some top-notch designs, shared the same with the would-be client, as it turned out, luckily for him, won the instant approval of the retailer’s procurement manager. Thus having bagged an initially confirmed order for a paltry $130,000 worth of merchandise, which was then outsourced to a 3rd party workshop, and the client, received their merchandise just in time for Christmas. The new designs, fortunately for Mr. Flavio were an instant hit with shoppers that Christmas.


There has been no looking back ever since, one thing led to another, and over the years, local business grew by leaps and bounds, turning this once very small start-up, into a well known private label entity within the industry, employing today some 250 staff – catering to the needs of bricks and mortar jewelry stores, well-known Italian online jewelry retailers, and others mainly within Italy.

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