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Google’s declaration of releasing Android 4.4 update has evoked massive response among customers and the sensational waves set by the update information is yet to settle down. With so much hype being created and the entire work looking forward to it, the update hit the market recently and as expected this update does carry some strong and fantastic features most Android users waited for.

But, the most agonizing part is not all devices will be updated with the update and just a few. In fact, even most devices that this update is targeted at are still waiting for it. Let’s put aside this and focus on which devices will be eligible for Android update and why not others! This piece of information could be highly beneficial for Android app developers and user as well.

I’ve tagged them under different categories to help readers digest information easily. Let’s classify them under 3 categories: (i) list of primary devices, (ii) list of secondary devices, and (iii) those who won’t get it.

Before, getting started, let’s throw a light on why Android 4.4 KitKat is widely preferred by Android users.

Android 4.4 KitKat – special features:

Performance and user experience – compared to previous updates this roll out promises a lot to Android users as it has been developed keeping in mind the performance and user experience. So far users who have received the update are finding it incredible and it is the reason why most owners want to have this update on their devices.

NFC – the next-gen technology is the latest feature included and it might simplify the payment of customers. Just a Tap and Pay will be relished by users.

Look and Feel – the appearance of the device is slightly modified and so the background color, widgets, and menu bar. This adds more varieties to the device.

Ok Google – this update is packed with voice search which doesn’t even require unlocking and this could improve user experience considerably.

These are just 4 top features and these aren’t what it has got it! In fact, there are a lot more left which will be highly beneficial for users.

Primary list of devices that expect the update:

The update is widely awaited and most Android device owners are looking out to enhance the performance of their devices. Some of the devices that await the update ahead of others are Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3. It has been expected that these devices will be expecting the updates first and it will happen most probably on January 2014.

Secondary list of devices that await update second:

The next set to follow would be the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note S2. It is reported that Android 4.3 is now live on these devices and it is expected that this update will be seen on these devices on next year. Till the update is being pushed into these devices, the owners can be happy with the Jelly Bean update rolled out recently.

Devices that won’t be eligible for this update:

Some of the popular Android devices that might miss out this widely celebrated update are Galaxy S2, Galaxy S, Galaxy Note 1, Galaxy 2 Mini, etc. While the decision of not including these devices for the update is mentioned to be based on strict update followed for manufacturers and hardware compatibility issues of few devices listed above. However, there are possibilities of a few devices listed above to avail this update.

The above information will be highly beneficial for readers who look out for information on Android 4.4 KitKat update and what devices will be eligible for it. Let me know your thoughts via comments and why your device deserves the update.

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