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A homeowner’s association (HOA) is a group that establishes and upholds regulations for the properties and people in a cooperative society. 

People who buy property inside an HOA’s boundaries immediately join and are obligated to pay dues or HOA fees. 

However, managing an HOA is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort, mindfulness and perseverance to calmly handle all issues and processes of an entire condominium society. 

But with growing technology, one thing we know is that we are never alone. Even managing an HOA has been optimized and taken care of by technology.

This piece shall articulate the matters regarding HOA management software, its benefits and the best tools you can find to smoothly run a Home Owners Association. 


How Does A HOA Software Help?

Other than simplifying and optimizing your task of management, the HOA software can help you in numerous ways. Mentioned below are some of the great advantages that you can explore with an HOA management tool.


  • Helps in streamlining all HOA-related processes: You can manage all the paperwork, generate CC&R violation reports and violation letters, receive payments, manage the books, and so much more with the aid of several self-managed HOA software solutions. 


Additionally, the program does many of these tasks automatically, freeing up your time to concentrate on other HOA-related matters.

  • Allows remote HOA management: These solutions are almost all web-based, allowing you to view the information from any computer or even a mobile device with a specialized app.
  • Provides unified storage for all your HOA docs and data: It will be available to all significant stakeholders, frequently via a mobile app, improving responsibility for all parties.
  • Improves internal and external communications: The fact that all the data is in one location contributes to this in some measure. When everyone has access to all available information on a subject, it is much simpler to decide what to do and come to an agreement. 


On the other hand, more efficient communications software will enable better and more efficient contact with locals. People in your neighborhood can get news rapidly and are aware of local events promptly.

  • Allows enhanced reporting systems: provide more effective ways to report on the association’s activities so that they may utilize that data to plan and strategy for the future of the neighborhood.


Features To Look For In A HOA Software

There’s a wide range of features that HOA software tools can offer users. These features aim to facilitate and accelerate the process of Home Owners Association management to the extent that it suits both the managing bodies as well as the dwellers. 

Given below are some of the important features that you can expect from robust HOA management software.


Maintaining Database Of All Members

You ought to be able to keep track of your members’ contact details, member profiles, roles, and preferences in a database. Additionally, it should be simple to contact them, update their information, search the database using various filters, and keep tabs on their payments and status of membership.


Member Special Portal

This feature allows members of an HOA to access special features and updates that can help them connect with each other better and discover unique content related to their condominium society.


Online Payment Systems

The hoa payment software makes it easier for members to pay and keep track of all the payments and pending transactions without any hassle.. 


Flawless Communication

Communication is key in such societal associations. HOA managing software ensures smooth communication between members for any query, objection or announcement.


Automated Event Management

When you live in a condominium, social events are a big part of your life. With an advanced HOA management app, you can automate all the processes related to any event. 


Best Software To Manage Home Owner Association?

As we already discussed, there are several software applications that help you optimize HOA management. Given below is the list of some of the best hoa management software you can use for the purpose.



Ownership management collaboration is supported by Bitrix24. The HOA program has a full set of capabilities for communication, record keeping, automation, and cooperation. Bitrix24 can be used by anybody who registers on the website. 

A total of 12 persons may collaborate and schedule events online with the free plans. For CRM, calendar management, HR management, and real-time file sharing, homeowner associations rely on Bitrix24. It may be installed both on-premises and in the cloud.



Property management software for residential and association properties is called Buildium. With tools like tenant and lease tracking, automatic rent and fee reminders, and on-demand reporting, it shortens the rent cycle. 

Property managers can use desktops or mobile apps to convert requests into work items and allocate them to maintenance managers and employees.


AppFolio Property Manager

Architectural evaluations, dues and assessment collection, monitoring of violations, board member approvals, bank linkages, and other features are all possible with AppFolio. 

It is an all-in-one HOA management tool. You may access all of these capabilities by using a web or mobile application.


Rentec Direct

A web-based, feature-rich management solution for landlords and property managers is called Rentec Direct. crafted to meet the requirements of individuals in charge of managing properties with 25 to 5,000 units. 

Rentec offers limitless US-based customer assistance and has no starting costs or term obligations.



BuildingLink is a great cloud-based app that helps HOA members to manage properties. From parking to key tracking, this software offers a wide variety of services to users. 

You can integrate this app with OneSite, Amazon Alexa, Yardi, PayLease, ClickPay, RentPayement and a few others for smoother functionality. 


Wrapping It Up!

If you are a part of an HOA, you’d surely want to get one of these robust best software tools to support the functioning of a Home Owners Association. 

From day-to-day management to long-term optimization, these applications can help you get a firm grip over an HOA and create better channels for all members to report and communicate freely. 


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