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Now a days so much competition exists in the market that it’s very difficult to start up a brand and make it grow according to your expectations.

People are consistently making hard efforts for the brands to take off. They put in a huge amount of money and time to fulfill their dreams but some people out there are just copying the original work without any recognition for it whatsoever.

They use the existing marketing and strategy content and put it up as they are the original owners of it. All of this comes into plagiarism and it’s a serious offense.

Before expanding onto a theory blindfolded one must stay cautious and check plagiarism at every level of work.

These days artificial intelligence has touched new grounds and you can find a great artificial intelligence algorithm-supported plagiarism checker to make sure the content that’s been provided to you is completely unique or given proper credit to the original source.

Following are the 5 plagiarism checker you can trust in to guide you to unique content to make sure your brand grows in the right direction


1.   Prepostseo.com

You value your brand identity and want your brand to grow by leaps and bounds you must keep it plagiarism-free with prepostseo plagiarism checker.

Prepostseoacts like your private detective but for your data that all the brand content you upload is all unique and particularly created by the writer for your brand according to its specification and standards

It will check the provided data with all the databases and libraries available online and if it has intentionally or by mistake Copied or duplicated data in any way Prepostseo plagiarism checker will put up red flag that this content is copied from that source and all the details about it that you need to file a report

All you have to do isadd the content that’s provided to you in the in box. Either copy-paste or upload a file with any file format and just click check plagiarism and that’s you one step closer to keeping your brand free from all the negativity that’s caused by plagiarised content

Google chrome provides a tab for plagiarism checker tool that’s just to secure you from any embarrassing moments afterward of not checking content before uploading

Any plagiarised content can be rewriter to make it as unique as possible under given circumstances


plagiarism checker tools


2.   Plagiarism checker by Grammarly

  If you want a Plagiarism checker that has multiple benefits then Grammarly is the one for you

 Grammarly not only ensures that the content you are putting in the inbox to check is fresh or cheated that’s going to help you with brand growth but also mentions a lot of grammar mistakes.

Grammarly like a great corrector will correct your spelling mistakes, punctuation issues, and any grammatical mistakes you might have in your brand content that ruins the impression of even a great content

You can get a word count also. It provides conciseness to your content and improves overall Readability


 How grammarly works

Any brand content that you want to upload 1stcopy paste or select that file into the given inbox

 The next step is to click the scan for plagiarism button if you are using free plagiarism checker then you will get the bitter truth that whether it’s duplicated or cheated from someone else or it genuinely written for your brand as brand new

In the free version, you can just get hints on what issues the content might have but if you get registered you will get the complete summary that not only mentions plagiarism but also other mistakes of writing.

If brand content is plagiarised then you can also get a source page link

You get % results of uniqueness or plagiarism as found in the provided branding content

 Grammarly proud itself on the privacy of their plagiarism checker as none of your data will be shared anywhere or can not be searched in any database.

Your brand can get a lot of help using this plagiarism checker which will ensure your brand reputation and growth don’t get spoiled


3.   Check-plagiarism.com

With a new brand coming into the market one needs a great strong plagiarism checker and check-plagiarism.com gives you just that. 

Put all of the content in check plagiarism inbox where you get 10k to 15k words per search free

If your content is out of this limit you can always get a premium account that will get you unlimited word check in just a matter of seconds

You will have multiple file options that you can choose from so every file can be checked and your new brand update can be easily checked to be plagiarism free

Doc., Docx, txt, or pdf all are entertained.

Check plagiarism works like magic. so easy to use and understand.  It can generate the reports as well if you want to present it in a meeting

New brands really need to check plagiarism on board as it will be great for keeping in check any plagiarised content and will help sustain the brand reputation


Check plagiarism


4.   Editpad.org

Edit pad also provides you a way to keep your brand clean from any sort of branding content that has others influence over it

It cleans your content to last bit so that your brand gets the most recognition and growth for their own newness and fresh work

You can check 1000 words for free and if your content check need is higher you can get a premium account

It supports multiple languages and file types and has a check plagiarism button to be clicked to see the magic

Check plagiarism extension is also available so it just one click and your branding content is free from any duplication

You will get the percentage analysis of whether the content is unique or plagiarized and also sources are provided if the branding content is plagiarised in any way matched another site and the work they did originally

You can get the complete report with just a click.


5.   Edubirdie.complagiarism checker

This is also one of the best plagiarism checkers we’ve come across online. One advantage is that it provides free limitless access, allowing you to examine all of your large brand proposals for plagiarism.

It makes your life easier by evaluating your data for plagiarism using contextual analysis, word placement, and a sophisticated algorithm.

Its deep search technology guarantees both speed and accuracy.

You should never be concerned about any of your content appearing in the public light as a result of your participation in this forum.

You can copy and paste your data into the checker inbox and click the check plagiarism button; the results will appear in seconds.

They also give you a plagiarism score that reveals how much of your work is plagiarised.

For easier identification, precise matches are highlighted in red, while close matches are covered with blue color.

Because they are side by side for assurance, you can simply check for duplicate text.

They also provide a plagiarism score, which indicates how much of the submitted text contains duplicate content. And it’s 100% correct because it’s backed up by solid facts.

If you use above mentioned plagiarism checker they will ensure your brand’s uniqueness and keep the integrity high.


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