There has been a never-ending debate on how Figma Design systems and UI Kits positively or negatively influence product design and product launches for modern startups.

While some argue that Figma UI Kits and design systems are the most essential tools to saving time, being more productive, and having successful launches as a designer and as a startup, some say it is only a means to end creativity.


Who is right and who is not?

In this article, you’ll learn why you should be plunging into using Figma Design Systems and UI Kits if you are a modern startup looking to launch a product, scale or generally make life easier for you as a designer. 

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Figma Design systems and UI kits – what are they, and why should you care?

Figma design systems are a set of components that are guided by standards that can be pulled together to build apps. Figma designs systems that are collaborative and communicative and can be shared across the entire team in a library that is easily accessible and easy to reference by other members of the team.

On the other hand, a UI kit is a collection of graphic files that can help designers with building user interfaces for their new applications. It is composed of everything and anything that provides the function to a user and it can range from buttons to cards to checkboxes and progress bars, and the likes.

And really, you should care about them because they both have a common aim – to save your time and money and make your life a whole lot easier, and I’m going to show you how.


How do Figma design systems and UI kits save money and time for startups?

Launching a new product may be a bit expensive for startups. It can be time-consuming, pocket exhausting, and they may not even end up with what they originally envisioned.

Maybe you’ve already guessed how Figma design systems and UI kits can help save money and time for startups already, but that’s okay. Stick with me still. But if you’ve not yet figured it out, here goes something.

One of the biggest advantages of Figma design systems and Figma UI kits is that it saves tons of time and money.

Imagine a startup trying to launch a new product, and they get all excited about their fresh ideas and imaginations and set out to create designs that best portray their visions.

Then they start searching for the perfect, most exact UI elements that make up for the best interface that they’ve long dreamed of.

Months go by (and maybe even years in some really unfortunate cases) and they still haven’t gotten the “perfect” elements.

After a lot of time and money has been used up trying to get the perfect design elements, they end up frustrated, settling for less, giving up on their product, or any other less satisfying thing you can think of.

Or in the best-case scenario, months are invested into getting the perfect interface elements, a lot of money is also invested into getting it, and even after two years the team still keeps complaining that there are way too many varying shades of gray in the design.

And trust me, that is no good business for a startup.

Figma design systems and Figma UI Kits are a breath of fresh air for startups and designers because instead of going through the financial, time-sucking, and emotional turmoil of creating and assembling new novel designs, Figma UI Kits provide a HUGE library of elements that are easy and ready to use whenever you need them

Figma design systems arrange all of these elements into a team library in components that are easily accessible, saving chunks of time and money, and effort.

All you need to do is find a UI kit you love, stick to it and keep using it to create your unique products.


How do Ready-made Figma Design System Templates and UI kit Templates help startups to launch their product?

Asides from that Figma design systems and Figma UI Kits Templates help startups save time and money, there are also other benefits involved. Tons of benefits actually but for the sake of briefness, here are some cogent four;

  • Increased profitability.

Wherever you are saving time and decreasing expenses, you’re more likely to make a profit.

Design systems and UI Kits save you the hours you would have used in the futile search for elements that will make up your design. They do nearly all the work and increase your productivity thereby increasing profits.

  • Scale higher

Design systems and UI kits help startups increase their consistency and efficiency by building more products in a shorter space of time and that will help them scale high.

Having a good number of products to launch within a short period of time gives more visibility to the brand and helps them scale.

  • Get more user engagements.

Also, having a consistent design throughout all the apps and websites of your company can help maintain a really strong brand identity that makes users immediately recognize and naturally flow with your products.

  • Improve communication between team members

There’s nothing as great as having a team where everyone is on the same page. It improves productivity, improves communication, and creates better workflow among team members which in practicality equals the progress of the company.

  • Sets you above the competition.

You really cannot undo the negative market effect that a slow-paced product launch has on startups. You get an idea for a product and it takes months to create, months to launch, and months to market. That will set you way behind.

A super great benefit of maximizing UI Kits and Design Systems is that you get to create and launch more products in less time and get products to market on time, setting you above your competitors by a very wide percentage.

  • Maintainability

Using UI Kits and Design systems helps to improve maintainability because they stay constant in their use library and can also be made to evolve. Having all of your elements, layouts, widgets, etc in a simple library space makes it very easy to maintain.


How to get started with Figma design systems and UI kits?

Getting started with design systems and UI Kits might sound like a big deal, but here’s the easiest way to get started;

Saving money and time is very essential for a startup that is serious about its business and is truly willing to scale so the best way to get in motion with designing a product and launching is to get a UI Kit and a Design System.

There are thousands of unique design systems and UI Kits and the best approach to creating a new product is to buy one, or hire a design manager to create one for you.

But if you don’t have a super heavy pocket and you still want to launch a new product, there are plenty of resources for you as well.

You can simply join a Figma design community or any other similar communities and find free design systems and UI Kits you can lay your hands on, get creative and get your product going!

Also, when purchasing a UI Kit or Design system, cost does not necessarily determine the quality. It may be true that the higher your purchase rate, the wider and better your library is but you also need to be very careful to not just hop into buying the most expensive kits you can get your hands on because they may (surprisingly) not be the best you can find.

Be careful and selective. After all, it’s a matter of your business’ growth.

Already, you must have an idea of what UI Kits and Design systems are and how essential they are to startups.

Design systems and UI Kits are the basic building blocks of creating a new product and they help save time, and money, increase productivity, scalability, increase profits, and a lots of other benefits.

These design systems arrange all elements into a library that is easy to access, comment on, and reference at any point in time.

This helps startups to create their products with reference and launch it too.



So now, you’ve learned the ropes (nearly) and you’ve understood how UI Kits and Design systems can help you scale your business, save your time and money, skyrocket your product launch processes and make your life a whole lot easier.

Now you’re convinced that Design Systems and UI Kits are your best shot at product launch…


What next?

Where do you go from here ?

There are a lot of UI Kits and Design systems on the market, and they range from free to paid premium bundles with every element you can ever dream of.

Getting the perfect Figma UI Kit or Design System might be a little bit tedious because of the choice of designs and other related things but getting your perfect fit is worth the search.

The only task you need to do is to download it and start using it!
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Happy Designing!


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