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Ever since the birth of the smart phone, the mobile app race has been nothing less than extraordinary. Every day, more and more apps are being churned out by mobile app developers to showcase various products, services, and companies. In fact, there are tons of apps for almost any activity you can think of – from taking regular pictures to planning minute per minute schedule of your office activities. A typical mobile app development company in the Philippines is often handling various apps at the same time. So the question is how would you make your own mobile app more interesting than other existing apps in the market?

Make it Simple

Fancy is overrated. Just because a particular app is well accessorized with animations, pictures, and/or buttons does not mean it is more attractive. On the contrary, some people find it less appealing or even intimidating especially by those belonging to the older generation of mobile users.

You see, despite the significant number of young (and more techie) consumers, a great portion of mobile device owners still belong to the upper 40s or 50s age group. These people are usually less savvy in using mobile apps so when it comes to drawing their attention, a fairly simple and less intimidating approach is more effective.

Besides, simplicity also appeals to the younger and more techie users. With the number of choices they have in the market, they usually take less than a few minutes to check out an app before proceeding to the next app in line. So if your app is too complicated to navigate because it is overly accessorized, that short window of opportunity to be noticed quickly closes.

However, don’t stick to pure text also. Your app will look bare and boring. Keep it interesting by adding pictures or simple animations, but remember not to overdo it.

Allow Social Media integration

Ride the wave of social media. Before mobile apps were even developed, social media sites, such as Facebook, have been generating an ever-increasing buzz in consumers so make use of this. Allow these sites to add an extra appeal to your app by allowing them to post certain things about your app such as services, status, or other information. They will not only let the users feel more connected, but these sites will also generate greater publicity for your app.

Make your App Available to Different Platforms

Do not stick to a single platform because it has more followers than the others; there is more than just iOS or Android in the market. You don’t know which one will last the longest or when a certain platform would outperform the rest. Change is inevitable and these platforms are continuously evolving to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the consumers. Depending on these changes, one platform can always overtake the others or can quickly be outdated. You want more people to have access to your app. In the first place, they won’t find it interesting if they can’t access it.

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