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Motivation plays a vital role when you’re writing. Be prepared to deliver utter crap if you’re not in the mood to create that next masterpiece of yours. Thus, you have to make sure that you’re always driven with a bag full of inspirations.
However, knowing that you need to be motivated and actually getting there are two different things. In case you’re having problems getting into the mood, the following are five tips on how  to motivate that inner writing spirit of yours! Check them out and write to your heart’s content.

1. Focus on your goal and not on the results
Always keep in mind that writing is all about sharing your emotions and ideas to your readers. Your goal is to express what’s inside of you. Pull that off and people will have an easier time saying what’s on your mind.
Thinking of how others will perceive your write-up will only hinder you from truly showing your skill as a writer. Exercise your freedom to utilize that pen. Remember that no one will get to read your scraps in the trash bin.

2. Write at your most comfortable time
There are certain parts of the day when your creative juices are most active. Take full advantage of those time frames and write. Be flexible with your schedule and don’t feel bad when you have failed to meet your “daily quota”. Straining yourself will only cause further stress on your part and that’s never a good thing for your craft.

3. Avoid punishing yourself
Comparing yourself to other writers is pretty much self-sabotage. Don’t feel bad just because you’re not getting any sort of recognition. True writers practice their craft because they love what they’re doing. Stop trying to be the next George R. R. Martin or J. K. Rowling! Be the first “YOU” and create your own trademark in the writing industry.
Furthermore, try to meditate more when the going gets tough. Stressing yourself and cursing won’t help your situation at all. Leave your work space temporarily when all else fail and cool it off.

4. Leave that comfortable cage of yours
Your room or work space serves as your comfortable cage. It’s where you usually write and thus, you rarely leave it because you don’t really see the point of doing so. However, that is downright wrong.
Keep in mind that being stuck in a routine is a surefire way of killing your creativity. Go out and explore the world. Bring your laptop with you or a handy-dandy notebook and write with mother nature at your side.

5. Draw inspiration from all forms of art
Writing is a form of art and the only way you’ll be able to create a good one is by drawing inspiration from great works. Art comes in different forms and that means you can draw inspiration from varying sources. Visit museums, exhibits and venues that will allow you to submerge yourself to other people’s art.
Regardless of how driven you are right now, there will come a day when you’ll eventually run out of motivation. The above mentioned tips are but some of the few things you could do in order to keep your fire burning. Feel free to mention more on the comment section below if you discover more ways on how to do so.

Author’s Bio: Veronica Finch is a fresh graduate from New Orleans University who is currently
contributing to as a freelance writer. She also contributes to various web sites in the hopes of making a name for herself in the writing industry.

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