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When running a Shopify store, you need to find innovative strategies to convert your store visitors into paying customers. Some of the best stores on Shopify rely on different discounting strategies to increase their conversion rates and average order values. Not only that, but a great discount strategy also helps in building a connection with your customers and increases the chances of them coming to your store again. 

Implementing bulk discounts on Shopify stores is a great way to increase engagement, boost sales, and also retain more customers. In this blog, we will see what bulk discounts are, their benefits and how you can set them up on your Shopify store. So let’s get started!


What are Shopify bulk discounts?

Shopify bulk discounts are pricing strategies that offer customers reduced prices when they buy products in large quantities from them. These discounts are made to encourage customers to buy more products in a single transaction by offering them an incentive in the form of discounts. 

Bulk discounts can be customized in many ways per your store’s needs and pricing strategies. First, you can customize them so that they apply only to certain products, and collections, and automatically apply once a customer adds a certain value/amount of products in their cart. Also, using certain Shopify apps, you can customize the discounts to apply only to certain customers using customer tags or their login statuses.


Benefits of using bulk discounts in your Shopify store

  1. Increased sales volume – Bulk discounts encourage customers to purchase more items at once and this leads to higher sales volumes. This strategy helps to boost your overall sales figures as customers are more likely to buy in bulk when they see a benefit associated with it.

  2. For Shopify wholesales – If you sell wholesale on Shopify, then implementing bulk discounts on your store becomes absolutely necessary since wholesalers generally buy in bulk quantities from your store and expect discounts based on their purchase volumes.

  3. Managing inventory – Offering bulk discounts is an effective way to quickly move products that are in excess quantity. This can ultimately help you reduce the costs that you have to otherwise pay to hold excuses inventory.

  4. Create marketing campaigns – When you can offer bulk discounts on your store, you can also create specific marketing campaigns to promote these discounts and encourage new people to visit your store and complete purchases. So offering bulk discounts can also help you acquire new customers. 

  5. More customer loyalty – Offering personalized bulk discounts on your Shopify store also helps you build a relationship with your customers and they are more likely to purchase from your store and also spread good word of mouth.

  6. Competitive advantage – Bulk discounts can differentiate your store from competitors by offering customers better value. This unique selling point can attract more customers to your store and give you an edge in a crowded market.


Steps to implement bulk discounts in your Shopify store

Let us now look at the steps you can take to quickly set up bulk discounts in your Shopify store.

  1. Log in to your Shopify store.

  2. Search for Wholesale Pricing Discount in the Shopify app store. This is depicted in the below screenshot.

  3. Install the Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B app on your store.

  4. All set! Once you set up the Wholesale Pricing Discount app in your store, you can easily configure bulk discounts based on purchase volumes and more. You can set percentage discounts, fixed price offs, tiered pricing, and more based on different customer tags and their login statuses. 



Implementing bulk discounts on your Shopify store is a great strategy to drive more sales and build stronger customer relationships. By offering customers the incentive to purchase in larger quantities you ultimately increase the average order value of your store and also improve the shopping experience for your customers. You also have the flexibility to customize these discounts based on products, collections, and customer segments that moreover helps you to create a personalised shopping experience for your store visitors.

With the steps mentioned in the blog above, setting up bulk discounts in your Shopify store is straightforward with apps like the Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B. You don’t need to do any manual coding and the app integrates seamlessly with your store. This ensures that integrating the app does not hinder with current operations of your store.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I offer different bulk discount rates for different products?
    Yes, you can set varying discount rates for different products or categories. This allows you to promote specific items more aggressively and manage your inventory effectively.

  2. What types of businesses can benefit from bulk discounts?
    Bulk discounts can benefit a variety of businesses, especially those in retail, wholesale, and e-commerce. Stores selling consumables, fashion, electronics, and even digital products can attract customers looking for value deals.

  3. Can bulk discounts be combined with other discount codes or promotions?
    This depends on the app you use and how you configure your discount settings. Some apps allow stacking discounts, while others might limit it to one promotion at a time. With Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B, you can create multiple discounts and also use them simultaneously.

  4. Is it possible to set expiration dates for bulk discounts?
    Yes, most discount apps allow you to set start and end dates for your bulk discounts, ensuring they run only during specific periods like sales events or promotional campaigns.

  5. Can I apply bulk discounts to specific customer groups?
    Yes, you can target specific customer groups by using customer tags or segmenting your audience based on their purchasing history, loyalty status, or other criteria.

  6. Can bulk discounts be applied to subscription products?
    Depending on the app and the configuration, you can apply bulk discounts to subscription products. This can help increase the initial sign-ups and long-term commitment from customers.


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