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There will be 500 million users refreshing their Instagram feed right now. Many of them using the search bar or viewing Stories as Insta users enjoy the visual and commercial benefits of the network. Heavy use of social media can be troublesome, contributing to sleeping disturbance, lack of efficiency and relational disputes. In the case of Instagram, especially when it comes to content creators, people tend to develop a slight obsession with the amount of engagements they get to the point where they can’t seem to put their phone down. Although “social media addiction” in the science world remains a widely debated term, the parallels among virtual experiences and destructive habits raise questions. That is why Facebook-owned Instagram has begun to try a fresh strategy to delete visible views from the site. Starting from May, Instagram initially began to hide preferences in Canada, and the trials have been extended to Ireland, Argentina, Hong Kong, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. 


Initial Process and Its Reasons

In November, the app began experimenting with deleting views in the U.S. Although the lack of views could boost psychological health, with 3.7 million company comments produced on the company in 2018, the little soul icon has become a lucrative weapon for marketers. As a way of drawing sponsors, bloggers use favourites, and now they will have to readjust how they should execute operations. Experts/panel selectors think that eliminating the like click will manipulate the thinking of consumers and the impact of marketers. Yet, Instagram, even though it affects companies, is bringing this move. Adam Mosseri, the CEO, currently clarified at the Wired25 Conference that the application’s “depression and issues and responsibilities have become more intense, especially with younger users, especially in a smartphone market.” Since local news media representatives approached the organization for interaction, Instagram referred to such comments. The occipital midbrain, a component of the mind that centres on strategic thinking and incentive actions, is triggered by this mutual feedback mechanism. 


Why video views?

The satisfaction that comes with seeing your social media soaring causes the activation of the same region of your brain that is being lit up when you eat a piece of cake, and behavioural psychologists believe that’s why social media is so addictive. A further enticing social networking aspect would be that we don’t realize how many views we’ll have when we tweet and receive them. Some scholars have said  that we like to visit social networking sites more often due to our fear of ruining out of time and the desire to stay as updated as possible at all times. Turel, one of the scholars, claims that due to psychological growth, millennial affiliate marketers are much more attracted by the digital press’s incentives program In his terms, at an early age, the hypothalamus mechanisms grow very rapidly and evolve, he said, but until later, the cognitive structures that maintain personality do not reach maturity. 

While it might not be as extreme as well forms of consumption, the scientist said that searching social networking sites frequently for internet connections still stimulates the brain’s incentive function significantly to other abusive habits, such as a gambler clicking the trigger at a casino, contrary to the implications of opioid addictiveness which may fully weaken the existence of a substance abuser, contributing even to suspect. 


Brief History of The Platform

One of the best social media platforms which is in trend right now is Instagram.  It consists of millions of users worldwide, with a minimum of 2,00,000(approx)  posts uploading per day. Now it is owned by Facebook. It is an American photos and videos sharing network created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and it was first released on ios in October 2010. The android version was released in April 2012, and the desktop feature interface in November 2012, a fire os In June 2014 and finally for windows 10 in October 2016. It is available all over the world In multiple languages. 


Why Is Instagram So Popular?

Instagram is popular because of views, hashtags, and tagging persons in posts. People are mostly using it to upload their photos with locations and compete among views  With other persons. Views are one the best feature Instagram has given that makes people Engage it without any bad impressions. And you can make filters, short videos, boomerangs, etc. With the current updates, Instagram has engaged billions of users, which is a trending social media platform. It has become a trend because now Users can start a business page and sell products to consumers and get paid. Ebooks, courses, Fancy items,  vehicle stickers, and a lot more. Are some examples of product selling. Colours and attractive themes are the best ways to attract a multitude of users.


Hashtagging (#) for The Views

Hashtag (#) is another best feature for promoting posts. When users upload their posts, they use hashtags to engage more views. Popular hashtags are being used while uploading posts because the users who visit those hashtags may come across your post as it will be displayed under the tag. Instagram suggests some of the best posts according to the traffic of the hashtags, which in turn may result in more engagement hence more views. There are dozens of hashtags available, but the trending hashtags are considerable for more traffic to their posts sharing. Some of the  Famous hashtags # are given below:-

  • #love
  • #instagram
  • #photooftheday
  • #instagood
  • #beautiful
  • #tbh
  • #fashion
  • #happy
  • #android
  • #ios

These are some hashtags (#) which users mostly used for their posts. Among most top companies, Instagram is one the best companies among social media platforms. It is the only platform to bring views for posts which makes billions of users engage in it. Instagram plays a role in all the aspects such as online markets, trading, the Gaming industry, etc. Some of the celebrities earn a passive income by views and hashtags. They bring a monetization platform in which the more views you attract, the more income. Aside from tagging and ads, many celebrities have admitted to using third party platforms to boost the engagements their Instagram page gets


Instagram likes and how they affect our mental health

Going out for a movie? Or a date? Or a Family trip? The first thing that comes to our mind is pictures and posts on our social media that are going to be posted. 

Now in the light of this let’s discuss why the recent announcement from Instagram chief Adam Mosseri to hide Instagram likes is the right choice.

Instagram is highly successful because of the impact it has on people, younger generations especially. 

It is worth mentioning that Instagram has connected the globe with just a single click. Undoubtedly, Instagram has a lot to offer, from creative insightful, motivational quotes, tips, and tricks to outfit hacks. And maybe that is the reason why the teenage generation is loving it.

It’s a tradition for young people nowadays.

  • No pictures mean it didn’t happen. 
  • A post on Instagram validates your fun experience. 
  • More the likes, the more popular you are. 

This is what most young people believe in the power of Instagram. 

But did you know that for many people, the whole concept of Instagram likes and the connection of it with popularity and fame is disturbing? It takes a toll on their mental health. 


How the concept of Instagram Likes affects mental state?

A lot of young people have developed a psychology that being liked on social media is important. But the reality is Instagram pictures instil insecurities, promotes dishonesty.

All the pretty pictures and flat lays are faked to capture your attention, to promote a brand they are being paid for. 

Pictures representing the desired body image, skin tone, or a display of a lavish lifestyle can make another feel inferior. It promotes prejudices based upon skin colour or a particular body type. The result? Feeling of not being sufficient and the constant pressure to fit in, talk cool, and be beautiful. 


How Erasing the concept of Instagram likes is the right choice?

Recently, the Instagram chief announced that Instagram is planning to hide the number of likes one gets on a post. Only the person who posts something will get to know how many likes they got. Nobody else. This might be a very small step to revolutionize the way people look up to Instagram. Likes will not be a determinant of someone’s whole being.   


Hiding the number of likes will definitely-

  • Reduce the pressure of being perfect and flawless (It is important to mention that perfection is a myth)
  • Teenagers will feel less left out
  • No Anxiety and depression associated with likes
  • Reduce the pressure of living the best life that may be entirely fake and created just for social media
  • Overall improved mental health

If scrolling through Instagram and looking at other people’s lifestyles makes you think that your life is boring and not worth it, have a second thought about that. Spend less time online. Understand that you see what they want to show you. And it’s not their reality.  Our generation needs to understand the mere concept of reality on Instagram is in fact surreal. It’s high time they wake up and leave the negativity and toxic comparisons behind. The influence and impact of people would still exist, but toxic comparisons will be significantly reduced with the new changes.


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