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These days developing iOS apps are getting more and more effortless and easier. Thanks to the each and every new release of Xcode. The fact is that developing iOS apps are easier, since all the novel features and attributes shows that there are much more choices to select from i.e. outdated books and old documentation.

Back in those days when iOS development was fresh and pioneering it was so much harder and tougher. This seems to be very bitter truth in many respects but what the users got to accept is that a much superior level of quality and attributes are expected nowadays due to varied advancements. The expectations level keeps on rising and that’s actually a very fine thing.

If you are starting out with the iOS development in the current scenario then these are the things that might be worthy to be known about.

  • Use ARC:

ARC is overwhelming and a very fine feature; it generally removes a lot of the complexity related to memory management which we generally had to deal with before. Even though it’s very useful and valuable on developer’s path to understand about memory management, the ARC will make life a whole lot more hassle free.


Blocks are simply so awesome. Having blocks means that you can write less code which is very clear and precise. No one will question you when you use the conventional delegates/protocols or NS Notifications, but as a first considerations choose blocks.
Prefer to use  Blocks wherever possible:


  • Say no to Threads, use GCD:

Remember this famous quote? “A programmer had a problem, so he used threads, then he had two.” So it is always better to leave threads and use GCD instead because GCD has made developer’s life a lot more effortless. However don’t forget to change back to the main thread while making any changes to the UI.

  • Story Boards aren’t that cool anymore:

What I feel as an iOS developer is that the story boards are more of a pain than they are of original worth especially once the developer moves beyond from a basic project. However this is absolutely my opinion alone, I have seen few of my fellow developers love it and few loathe it like me. Therefore, make up your own mind before you try on this one.


  • Interface Builders (IB) are only for basics:

There are plenty of stuffs that a developer can’t accomplish with Interface Builder (IB) which is present. Any vaguely “non standard” app which has custom views will move beyond the IB’s abilities very quickly. You can however use the XIBs but only for very basic layouts. For higher layouts you can’t depend fully on the IB.



  • Prefer Open Source:

The World Wide Web has so many astounding libraries and reliable components that are available for iOS development. For instance Github is one such site where in there are full of enormous source code that you could just plunge into your app development project.


These are few of the various tips you need to be well acquainted with in order to start iOS app development now.


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This useful content is contributed by Sienna Amelia, directed at technology people. As she being  involved in iPhone apps development at Contus,an Apple related iPhone apps development company. she has been involved in researching all about iPhone strategies. She can always share mobile technology-related subjects to make readers learn and share knowledge. Follow via Author: Sienna Amelia on Google+

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