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Google was introduced around with the name “+1” for an upcoming social product. At that time, we were told it was sort of like Google’s version of the “like” or “retweet” button. Google took a great decision to compete with Social Media giants like Facebook and Twitter.

Google introducing +1 Button which is something in the similar lines of Facebook Like button. +1 Button will soon appear beside to search results and Google Adwords Advertisements. By clicking on this button, you can see how many of your friends liked this website/content/page/post etc.., it will also inform to your friends if you share a link online.

When you’re signed into your Google account, every Google search result will now have a +1 icon next to it. If you find the search result useful or just enjoy the linked site, you hit the +1 icon. Google says by +1-ing a result you’re giving it a recommendation, a stamp of approval. More +1’s on a result means the site is more interesting.

In order to take advantage of this new functionality, you will need to have a Google profile. And when your friends go searching for anything, they may find your picture next to search results indicating that you recommend a particular page.

When you personally give a website your “vote” by hitting the +1 button, your Google +1’s are going to be stored inside of your Google profile. You will have the option of making your Google +1’s either public where they can be displayed anywhere, or private just for your personal use. If you make them public, then the Google +1 icon will be used to recommend or show people Google knows are in your social circle that you like particular content.

Why is Google’s +1 important?

Google has been talking about how social media and social networking is going to directly tie in with search engine optimization. It used to be that we just built a bunch of links to rank for keywords. But, what I have noticed as a SEO is that other aspects are becoming increasingly important, including how a site deals with social media.
We can tie this increased reliance on social media to Google’s quest to provide the absolute best results possible. Here’s an example.

More importantly, if you have a blog/site, you need to drop that puppy in there so your readers start giving you some +1 love. Even though is very early, there are already a few ways to integrate the button in your blog.

How to install the Button on your site?

Google has published the +1 Your Website page for you to customize your own button and grab the piece of code to use it on your site. This is very simple to integreate into your site.you can go with here.

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