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Whether you are running small store or big eCommerce website. If your targeted niche is competitive, you must have to do SEO for rank in SERPs. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) plays a vital role in your sales performance. Before starting to know about extension let me explain why SEO need for an eCommerce store.

Suppose you have a store with the 10k product list and you want to set all product unique detail for on-page SEO optimization i.e set unique Meta information, Dynamic internal Linking, Set canonical Tag for the product as well category page, Generate Site map, etc. Now think that if you are doing all things individually then it will take approx 2 months and after you will not get the proper result. Then What is the solution?

These extensions will manage on-page SEO setting in one click. If you are using Magento then it’s very easy to optimize on-page SEO in few simple steps By using SEO extension for Magento 2.Let’s start discuss extension features.

  • Powerful SEO templates


Powerful SEO template will create dynamic meta information based on the rules defined by the user. Meta information like set meta title,title,meta information,meta description, product description, Additional SEO description, etc. You can set the global variable as well so content will be changed according to product or category information.

This powerful SEO template will manage your meta information in few simple’s also allows you to add conditions or several sub condition.


2) Advanced SEO Rewrite Information


Advanced SEO rewrite will help to rewrite SEO meta tag,h1, description, SEO description for store URL.
So, if you want to make some special changes to several categories or product page then you can do it by using SEO Rewrite option.


   3) Prevent from duplicate content issues


Magento will create a different version of URL for your product or category page and those URL will be indexed by google crawler. If multiple version of URL will be indexed of same content then it will consider as copyrighted content. So, Google may penalize your store.

So, prevent from the duplicate content issue you need to tell crawler that these URL crawlers have to indexed by using the canonical tag. And these extension has a feature to set product or category page canonical tag. You can also configure canonical tag for configurable, bundled and grouped product page.


4) Advanced Rich snippets and open graph


Make your product look different in search result we have to set product or category rich snippets. Once you get rank on 1st page of your site in Google SERPs is that not end of your task. With your link 10 more links are there. But why people will click on your product/category for that look different from other URL. And you can set product rich snippets.


These extensions give you a facility to set different types of Rich snippets for product or category.


5) Advanced Autolink


Advanced auto link features allow you to set internal link by just add a keyword. You just need to specify keyword and URL, configure some other auto link options. This is most important for on-page SEO settings
I.e you have link and you need to promote this link with “Example” keyword. Then wherever example keyword found it will link with URL.

6) Powerful SEO Dashboard


Powerful SEO dashboard helps you to give SEO report, which necessary setting you had done and which remains. Suppose if you set meta title over the actual length of 55 characters then SEO dashboard gives you an error that Meta title has exceeded limit. SO you have to set your information in google readable format.



Conclusion:- Extension allows you to manage On-page SEO settings. But you need to configure it properly. Before Installing and config extension visit documentation of extension. And those extensions are created by different companies. They give different functionality based on the price. So choose best from them based on your requirement.


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