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If you are a business that has made a concerted effort to improve your green credentials and take environmental action, then you may be wondering whether you should be promoting this achievement.

The short answer is yes, you should promote your green credentials, but only if you communicate it correctly. 

This is because environmental responsibility has been in the spotlight for a number of years, and as awareness grows, so does the number of companies cynically jumping on the collective bandwagon, boasting about token efforts they have made to reduce their carbon footprint or change their ethos. 

As a result, many consumers are skeptical about how authentic corporate environmental claims are. If your message is perceived as mere posturing, it could have the opposite effect as intended and actually damage your brand image.

This is not to say you should keep quiet about your business’s green credentials, only that you need to communicate them in the right way.

Here’s how:


Work alongside a sustainable marketing agency to build out a strategy

The first step in promoting your business’s green credentials is to seek out specialist help. 

While many digital marketing agencies are available, it is best to work with a firm that specializes in sustainable marketing.

Working with a creative, sustainable marketing agency will help you to craft the right message and communicate it in the right way. 


Avoid gimmicks by setting up an initiative that matters

If you want to promote your company’s green fingers, then you need to make sure that it really is eco-conscious, rather than making a token effort. So, for example, if you have set an ambitious target and backed it up with concrete results, you should be proud to promote such an achievement, whereas if you have done little but expect a positive reaction, you may be in for a shock.

The best way to do this, if you haven’t already,is to avoid any gimmicks. For example, reducing your carbon footprint in one area but increasing it in another, as a result, is not going to solve anything, so ensure that you are making a real, consistent difference before promoting your environmental awareness. 


Let your actions speak louder than words

It is often said that actions speak louder than words, and it couldn’t be truer when it comes to promoting your green credentials. If you want your audience to take notice, get out there and lead by example without asking for validation or a pat on the back.

This will quickly build respect for your brand’s efforts and allow customers to become a legion of referral marketers on your behalf, telling their friends and family about your efforts and encouraging them to support your company. 

By leading with actions and then following it with well-considered words, you stand the best chance of being considered authentic and being rewarded with happier customers and more sales. 



To conclude, if you want to promote your business’s green credentials effectively, you need to carefully consider your communication method.

Being perceived as having genuinely impressive environmental awareness and backing it up with real action will likely boost your brand image considerably and encourage similarly environmentally aware customers to buy from you more in the future.


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