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If you are a businessperson and using WordPress in your website then this post will be very useful in your needs. You may be aware with the fact that WordPress is an easily manageable open source web content management system. You can quickly set an interactive website with this CMS and enjoy the resourcefulness of WordPress. A majority of website owners deal with the issue of interactive website layout. In case, you are also facing such issues then you this post will be very useful for you. The official website of any business organization needs an authentic look and feel for their websites. Therefore, you should try to add an interactive and authentic looking theme in your WordPress website.

#1 Corporate Theme 

Make Your Business Site Trustworthy

In case, you are looking for a theme with custom back ground image, then “Corporate Theme” will be perfect for your commercial website. It will help you in increasing the impact of your business website.


Apart from this, you will also get custom header with six layout options. So, you can easily make changes in your website header and give a perfect layout to your business website. You will get this theme with control on the framework. Moreover, you will also be able to read the detailed tutorials for your website. Therefore, you can easily use this theme in your website.

#2 Executive Theme

Now, Show What You Execute

As the name suggests, this theme is designed to represent on the go operations of a business organization. It will help you in showing your ongoing projects. Additionally, this theme will have seven color styles.


With three layout options and custom background, this theme is perfect for making your business website interactive. Further, it will have the flexibility of three layout options, custom background, featured image, and mobile responsive theme.

#3 Freelance Theme

Impress Your Customers with Elegant Freelance Theme

If you are a freelancer and trying to approach a number of customers then you will surely love this theme for your WordPress theme. It has special functionalities to display your vast skill-set.


This theme will provide you six different options with fixed width and theme options. Apart from this, it will have the options of threaded comments.

#4 Generate Theme

This theme has all the power and capacity to support your business goals and give an authentic look to your website.


This theme has four-color styles with three layout options. Apart from this, this theme has footer widgets. Moreover, it makes your site accessible at all mobile devices. Therefore, you will be able to increase the visitors of your website.

So, you can decorate your website from previously mentioned WordPress themes. The inclusion of these themes will increase the overall potential and competencies of your website. These themes will add the responsiveness in your business website. Therefore, you must try to deploy an interactive theme in your website. It will increase your website strength rapidly.

Author bio-  Nick Carter is a freelance blogger associated with Wordpres customization company at full-time basis. He has been blogging for company for past 5 years. He currently heads the editorial team of various magento development technology blogs and provides services to hire wordpress developer.

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