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The copyright notice footer is the brand mark of the company which includes the year and the website identification mark in the footer area of the webpage. The notice is recognized by company law and reserves the right to the website to use the content by that brand mark. A Magneto development company can usually help you out in this regard.

You can also follow these steps to remove the copyright footer notice on the Magneto 2 platform. These steps are as follows :


Step 1

Make sure that you are logged into the back end of your magneto editor.

Go to the admin sidebar and go to Store. In the store, option-click on Settings. Click on configuration to proceed to the next step. After that click on General and proceed to Design option. Scroll and get to the footer text option.


Step 2

After getting to the footer section we will proceed to take the final edit.

In order to edit the copyright notice follow the following steps

Click on the copyright box and check the copyright notice as it appears in the footer section of the page. Edit it or modify it in the copyright box for different results on each page.

In order to remove copyright notice simple select the text and remove the footnote from the box


Final Step

Enter the code in the HTML Miscellaneous text box. The code must be as such from the developers of the e-commerce company. Hit the save button at the end to save the changes being made. These were just a set of instructions and there is a whole lot of things that you can with Magneto 2.

The copyright footer is also an important aspect of the e-commerce website. On the internet, it holds the same validation as any other intellectual property, patents, trademarks, and database right. The content of the website is also protected by the same copyright law. However, the concept of protecting an idea is vague so it cannot be protected under this law. But it holds brand identity. There have been many developments in the e-commerce Industry and Magneto 2 is one such platform.  A Magneto developer prefers it because it is the platform for about 200,000 online retailers.

Magento 2 is a great platform and we cannot undermine the fact that it is used by a large number of companies – medium and large sized to optimize their online e-commerce business. Here are 7 reasons why Magento 2 is preferred by the developers.

There is a large developer community as Magneto is an open-source platform. So being an open source service, Magneto 2 has a large number of developers working on it. For this reason, it is very secure, fast and always up to date.


Open Source Platform Provides More Access

By Open source, it means that any developer can easily install Magneto. The platform also follows to be very flexible as far as usage is concerned. All the extensions are also available on the Magneto Connect marketplace. The extensions help in adding the new features and making the website more effective. But for a business, it requires a Magneto Specialist.


Best Platform For E-Commerce Websites

Many proven and established veterans in the industry agree to this that Magneto is the best possible platform for the e-commerce industry. WordPress itself is a great CMS platform but it does not cater to e-commerce functionality with the same efficiency as Magneto. It has everything that a functional e-commerce website needs, be it scores or specs or additional support.


Large Exposure To MNC’s

Magneto 2 is a platform that has got a large reach right from small company based websites in the city to the big Multi-National Corporations. There is a good amount of scalability associated with it. A small-scale business can use it and even as the business grows, Magneto will also grow with it. The immense support that helps major e-commerce players is also available to an average user at fingertips.


 Provides High Performance

The performance aspect is extremely important for an e-commerce website. Performance parameters include the query processing time and page load time. This is crucial expect a minor delay in the page load time can lead to low conversion rates for the product selling website. So Magneto provides the performance of optimum grade to e-commerce design.


Easy Integration

Integration is also a very crucial aspect of the e-commerce. Magneto can get you various third-party services such as payment gateways, database applications, operation functions such as shipping and tracking. The platform makes it very easy and quick to execute these functions.

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A Platform Built With SEO Friendly Objectives

One other crucial aspect of this platform is that it is extremely SEO friendly. Various features such as search engine friendly URLs, site-maps, layered navigation, meta tag descriptions, editable URLs etc. These tools can help boost the search engine reach of the website and get it more customers.

Therefore it is highly advisable to use such validated and sophisticated platform. It gives the industry players an edge over the other platforms. A good knowledge of Magneto can give the website a performance boost.


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