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Many individuals that operate their own websites struggle with creating the type of site they want, and the ability to maintain it at all times. WordPress has the power necessary to operate nearly any type of website for free, or next to nothing. Designed as the highest recognized content management systems (CMS), WordPress offers significant benefits over its competition.

The Ease of Use

Nearly everyone that operates a website has no programming experience. Even though their sites are built on HTML coding technology, site owners are usually in the dark at the first sign of any problem in the way their site functions. Alternatively, WordPress does not require any CSS or HTML knowledge, or the need to understand PHP programming. WordPress simply offers highly complex features and functions, without the requirement of being a programming expert.

Open Source Technology

Designed as an open source solution for creating web pages online, WordPress makes it easy for third-party companies to develop their own add-ons, plug-ins and themes. This provides the opportunity for every developer and designer to create their own unique projects using the same WordPress platform. Research indicates that well over 75 million WordPress websites have been created and published.

The open source technology allows the most creative minds to develop many of the projects that have become high in demand. With millions of individuals around the globe providing their own unique contribution to this huge crowdsourcing project, it offers significant appeal to the masses because of its incredible functionality.

Plug-ins and Themes

When WordPress was first invented some years ago, it was mostly considered to be a blogging platform, more than a traditional website. Its web design was certainly focused on bloggers interested in social media contact. However, today WordPress offers the ability of third-party developers to create a large assortment of plug-ins and themes. Because of that, site owners can now utilize the best features to create nearly any type of website from an online store, to a photo gallery and even a blogging site.

High Scalability

Having the ability to scale a website to a specific need has allowed developers to create many themes and plug-ins directed for niche markets. Creating a website with only the features needed provides better functionality and a cleaner design. With high scalability, a small business can create a simple website using WordPress, and allow it to grow with the company without the need to make drastic changes to their site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every business owner with an online site recognizes their first priority is to obtain an audience by driving traffic to their website. WordPress provides the opportunity to enhance SEO to improve rankings in search engine results. It accomplishes this in a few ways that include:

  • SEO Plug-Ins – With fully developed SEO plug-ins, site owners can create the right settings to optimize search engine results. It allows easy editing of descriptions and page titles, along with the ability to add XML site maps that will assist Google indexing to locate the owner’s site. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to change URLs (permalinks) to edit keywords in an effort to target a different audience.
  • Updating Content – With the ability to easily add updated content to the site, the website owner can maintain a fresh look on the website. Search engine results are optimized when Google recognizes new original content, freshly posted to the site.
  • Shareable Content – The sharing buttons and integration that WordPress provides allows the site to connect with many social media sites. This will easily enhance search engine optimization results.
  • Clean Coding – Third-party vendors that create their own WordPress themes utilize clean code technology that ensures simple functionality when sharing the site’s content to visitors. Additionally, clean coding is also the best pathway for building quality links to the site.

Without the need to hire search engine optimization consultants, website owners can now utilize the best SEO features and functions provided by WordPress. Through quality search engine optimization, business sites can instantly improve their rankings in search engines including Google.


Since the initial launch of WordPress in 2003, blogging has continually evolved from its basic platform. It has now morphed into a highly creative CMS (content management system). To date, WordPress is still recognized as the single best place to publish and manage a personal or business blog. With its plug-in tools, WordPress offers easy management of all blogging categories and posts. Its user-friendly interface provides an easy solution for publishing content.

The horizon for WordPress is bright. As it continues to evolve, it remains the leader in business website management. It provides the best solutions for SEO functionality, extensibility and as a blogging engine. Every new release of WordPress builds upon the last, creating even more possibilities in designing, operating and managing websites and blogs all around the world.

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