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Android smartphones are floating in the market in such a way that the buyers get overwhelmed while choosing an appropriate one for themselves. There are lots of features that have been engraved within all Android phones. All such features are aiding people to fulfill their personal and business requirements facilely. All the leading companies are also emerging with the devices and gadgets that are supporting Android applications.

You might have also noticed that Android has matured at a wider extent in fast few years. It has enveloped a lot of market share steadily and now it is holding a dominant position in US. There are thousands of Android devices emerging day by day with a revolutionary growth. All such devices are evolving just because of various Android applications. Thus, with this tremendous growth, Android has turned into a No.1 smartphone operating system. Even, you can Outsource Android Development services from an Android development company to get an app for your device or for your business needs.

Explore top Android smartphones:

  • HTC ThunderBolt:

This is ranked No.1 on Android leadboard and is the successor of HTC EVO. However, ThunderBolt is a major upgraded version. It completely supports Verizon’s 4G LTE network rather than Sprint’s 4G WiMAX network that leads to doubled speed of the network and also bequeaths a huge capacity. An upgraded Snapdragon processor is also hooked along with a dedicated GPU, an aluminum unibody hardware design, a bump upto 768 MB RAM and a camera with equal megapixels. So, click your pictures with the finest quality. Globally, the HTC Desire HD is similar to ThunderBolt at various aspects.

  • Motorola Atrix 4G:

No doubt, Motorola Atrix has attempted to elevate the highly competitive smartphone market. This device can pier up with a media station peripheral or laptop and can function flawlessly just like a hub. Alas, the optional extras are a bit expensive and it remains to be same because of the demand of people. If this aspect is kept aside, then this will be the foremost vigorous phone. You can find 1 GB RAM, dual core Tegra 2 processor of 1GHz, 4 inches touch screen display with 950*540 pixels resolution, 5 MP camera and 720p video camera. 16 GB internal memory is a striking element and you can also extend it with another 32 GB. It runs swiftly on Android 2.2 with MotoBLUR overlay.


This is another name for a smart value. Enjoy and experience a feature-rich, stylish and high performance smartphone. Get a great pricing for this 4G LTE from any online or local store. Samsung Galaxy Express is exclusively designed for you to keep you moving even if you are at work or busy at playing. S Beam file sharing potentials and 1.5 GHz dual processor are the in-built features. Galaxy Express is designed with a size that can easily fit to your pocket size and conversely it is big enough to entertain you with 4.5 inches AMOLED Plus touchscreen.

  • LG Nexus 4:

Google and LG have collectively kept their efforts to bring a fantastic offering for the market of gadgets. Basically, this is deemed as a handset with a classic set of features yet the prices have been set which will suit your pocket. There are a plethora of features within it that are rating it with 5 stars.

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Play:

The excellent applications and features of Sony Xperia Play will not going to blow you as it is the long waited Play Station phone so far for which all the gamers have waited. The phone is having a slider that renders a perfect PlayStation game pad. A 1 GHz processor along with 512 RAM is in-built. Display is also a 4 inch capacitive screen that has a resolution of 480*854 pixels. Internal memory is only 400 MB, instead it is shipping with an 8 GB micro SD card and it is extendable up to 32 GB. 5 MP camera is also provided, but no HD recording has been tailored. It functions flawlessly with Android 2.3.

If you also seeking for an ultimate and bizarre Android device, either opt for the one among above mentioned devices or you can also choose by exploring similar devices on the internet. With the advancement of technology, you can expect more Android smartphones in the gallery of gadgets.

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