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iPhone comes in the smartphones category that was launched in the year 2007. These smartphones are a cut above the other mobile phones as these support multimedia technology.  A better way to describe an iPhone is a smart phone functioning as a camera phone that includes WI-FI connectivity, text message service, email, web browsing, and visual voice mail features. This smartphone comprises of a multi functional touchscreen that has a virtual keyboard. It also supports the third party applications with different functionalists like the social networking sites,games, movies, reference, navigators, TV shows and many more.

iPhone Web App

Understanding the Web Application

Before we go any further, let us understand what do we mean by web application. In simple terms, web application can be described as an application that can be read by a networksuch as the internet or the intranet. They have gained popularity in the recent past because of its user-friendly and all-pervading nature. They are well equipped with renewing and sustaining applications on the clients computer without even installing the program. The main idea of developing a web application is to allow the user to carry out particular or various tasks effortlessly.There is a plethora of applications for content, education, media development, information, entertainment,simulation, product engineering, and a lot more.

Following are the five tips that may prove helpful for iPhone web application development.

1.      Get inspiration, collectinformation and ideas

Before you actually develop any new application, you must go through theiPhone web applications available at hand. After you get the inspiration from an array of iPhone web applications, brainstorm your ideas to develop an application. An original idea will prove more beneficial than the used idea.

2.      Plan And Develop

An important aspect of developing a useful application is a sound planning. You should think about the application name and the URL beforehand. Keep the URL short and precise.

The biggest advantage of developing an iPhone web application is you can use any programming language in it. You need not get acquainted with Cocoa or Mac OS. All in all, you are developing just another web application but for a compact screen. For the client side, you may feel free to use HTML, CSS, AJAX, Javascript and any server-side language from ASP, ColdFusion, .Net, Java, Perl, Ruby, or PHP

3.      Testing the web application

The actual testing stage of the application urges the need for an iPhone. While testing you may come across various bugs and errors that may only be discovered on an actual iPhone. It is imperative to test the application on the iPhone itself to get the real picture and the reliability of the newly developed iPhone web application.

4.      Releasing the web application

Once the iPhone web application is fit to be released, an icon and the screenshot of the application needs to be submitted with the Apple-Web Apps directory. You should be conversant with the submission information. It will take maximum 2 days to get the web application approved. You can also use the social networking sites to market your iPhone web application. To ensure its success, gather feedback from the people after releasing it and continuously work on improving it

5.      Read, Learn And Improve

You will always have room for improvement. You should read and learn new tips and tricks to improve the iPhone web application.

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